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Kuntz Builders Inc. is a family company that was started in 1978 by brothers, Tom and Larry Kuntz. They still own and operate the business today. Tom and Larry, along with their team, have built many homes and projects in Dickinson and surrounding communities. They have dedicated their lives to this company and to building and supporting their local community. 


The Company strives to deliver quality through a hands-on approach. The Kuntz Builders Team and Subcontractors put their years of experience and expertise together to deliver the best finished product. Tom and Larry know the projects they are working on inside and out because they are there day in and day out. On-site managing is very important to them to ensure every detail is handled correctly and efficiently. You, the client, can rest assured that you have a well-built, secure home! 


Kuntz Builders Inc. is a member of the Dickinson Area Builders Association, North Dakota Association of Builders, National Association of Home Builders, and NFIB. 

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